Howrah Church of Christ Domestic Violence Response

July 25, 2017

As a contribution to the community debate regarding Domestic Violence in our community, as a church we acknowledge the following:

  1. There is never a justification for family violence.
  2. Sadly, such violence does occur.
  3. As family violence is often concealed the incidence can be difficult to know but even one incident is one too many.
  4. The response of the church broadly has often been found lacking. We apologise if in any way we have responded inadequately.
  5. We seek for our church community to be a place where hope, healing, compassion and justice are not just catch words but the lived experience of all.
  6. If anyone discloses to us that they are the victims of family violence we undertake to do the following:
    1. Listen attentively to your story and experience
    2. Work collaboratively with you to ensure your safety, both immediately and longer term
    3. Act to protect children (if present) from family violence and its adverse effects
  7. The Churches of Christ Vic-Tas conference passed a motion at its 2015 AGM advocating a range of responses to family violence